Basic Counselling Skills

There are many people working in the mental health community who do not feel they have acquired adequate counselling skills from their training or their education. This one day course is suitable for those people who would like to learn basic counseling and communication skills so that they feel more confident when working with others. This course is also suitable for students who do not work in the mental health area but are curious about learning some counselling skills in particular to enhance communication. These skills can be used in and out of the work place.

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Drawing from a Person-Centred therapy approach, students will learn how to engage a client, how to reflect, empathise and learn about the different types of questions which draw out information and perhaps resolutions. There will be a strong emphasis on listening skills, as well as other general communication skills. Learning is by presentations, group discussion and class practice sessions.

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  • Students will learn how to engage a client/friend/work colleague.
  • Students will understand the importance of listening skills and will have acquired some listening skills.
  • Students will have learnt basic counselling skills such as reflecting, clarifying and empathy skills.
  • Students will feel more confident when counselling and or communicating with others.


1 day/two 3-hour sessions. A total of 6 hours with breaks for lunch and morning/afternoon tea.


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