Couples Observation – Post-Milan Work

This is a four-hour training session where participants will have the opportunity to learn systemic ideas within the context of observing a couple session with Couple and Family Therapist Jacqueline McDiarmid.

The live session will be preceded by an introduction to systemic ideas from Post-Milan theory.

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Participants will learn how to:

  • construct and examine a genogram systemically
  • form hypotheses
  • construct some circular questions
  • set up a session, keep the session balanced and maintain neutrality
  • recognise triggers and to manage their own anxiety.
  • construct and examine a genogram systemically


one 4-hour session: 9.00am – 1.00pm:

  1. Introduction of genogram and systems theory as it relates to the couple
  2. Live couple session
  3. Pre-session break with discussion of core ideas and theory
  4. Live couple therapy session
  5. Final presentation and discussion of systemic theory


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