Cynthia Manickum - Mentoring Group 2017
I learnt so much from others in the group through their thoughts and questions. This group makes me realise how much I want to continue learning about couples and families.

Alex Ryder - Mentoring Group 2017
Very grateful for the knowledge and wisdom shared in terms of practical and simplified skills that you can't gain from books.

Julieanne Rice - Mentoring Group 2017
Jacqueline, you are a fort of knowledge and I greatly appreciate your guidance, support and encouragement.

Michele Elsom - Mentoring Group 2017
Practical, clearly explained concepts. Comfortable, non-threatening learning environment. 

Katrina Dever - Mentoring Group 2017
It has been great getting to know other like minded Therapists who are going through this journey with me. 

Isabelle Truong - Mentoring Group 2017 
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting other Therapists and learning new techniques in couple counselling. Nice size group so everyone had a chance to have a say. 

Rachael K - Mentoring Group 2017
The experiential nature of the group helped me learn in the moment and remember the experience to take back to sessions without having to spend hours studying. Jacqueline is so encouraging and knowledgeable.

Jen Bradon - Mentoring Group 2017
The monthly mentoring group was very helpful in learning the key foundation of couples work. Jacqueline was very helpful in building confidence and offer support. 

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