This is a four-hour training session where participants will have the opportunity to learn systemic ideas within the context of observing a couple session with Couple and Family Therapist Jacqueline McDiarmid.

The live session will be preceded by an introduction to systemic ideas from Post-Milan theory.

Extremely interesting, thought provoking and engaging. The ability to observe this couple in relation to their genogram and have all of the background knowledge to try and hypothesize is very valuable and worthwhile.
Liz – JNI student

First time seeing a “live” couple session. Very enlightening and made even richer by the accompanying group discussion.
I would recommend this session for anyone who is interested in couple therapy.
Andrea Croft – Psychologist

Reinforced systemic thinking and it was truly valuable to observe someone else counselling. A worthwhile, important method of learning – I did not have enough of this style in my masters.
Cathy Clancy – Counsellor

The session was very insightful in that I became aware of my own issues and how I need to be able to put them aside. Also great to observe how an expert runs a session and how to be relaxed with people.
Kerryn Amor – Social worker

The experience was one of a kind – thank you so very much.
Alex Weber – Psychologist


Participants will learn how to:

  • construct and examine a genogram systemically
  • form hypotheses
  • construct some circular questions
  • set up a session, keep the session balanced and maintain neutrality
  • recognise triggers and to manage their own anxiety.
  • construct and examine a genogram systemically


one 4-hour session: 9.00am – 1.00pm:

  1. Introduction of genogram and systems theory as it relates to the couple
  2. Live couple session
  3. Pre-session break with discussion of core ideas and theory
  4. Live couple therapy session
  5. Final presentation and discussion of systemic theory


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