Date:  Friday 9th June 2023
Time:  9am – 12.30pm
PD Hours: 3.5 

This training will be conducted via Zoom. 

Do you worry about possible legal action, damaging online reviews, or complaints from clients to your association?

Register for a 3.5 hour information training session which will cover how to set up your work with clients, so you are within the guidelines of best practice, including both legal and ethical considerations.

Get clear on your obligations, understand potential risks and pitfalls for setting up sessions with various client presentations, and learn how to keep yourself and your clients safe. 

The seminar is presented by Jacqueline McDiarmid, one of Australia’s most experienced Couple and Family Therapists.

Martin (not his real name) had been working with a couple who decided to separate. Martin saw them before the separation and ended up seeing the wife for a few individual sessions on her own. The husband believed that Martin had behaved unethically – and blamed him for the separation. He made a complaint to the HCCC about Martin. Martin has been fighting the case for over a year at high financial and emotional cost. 

Unfortunately, this story (which is true), is becoming more common. 

It’s among many scenarios where a therapist’s behaviour has serious implications for their reputation and even career, not to mention the lives of their clients. 

Jacqueline McDiarmid is a Couple and Family Therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience. She provides Clinical Supervision for individuals, and also runs group supervision for various agencies.

Jacqueline has developed the online Best Practice/Ethical Practice training after seeing a worrying number of clinicians with inadequate training on ethical practice, some of whom have had complaints made against them by clients.

The 3.5 hour online seminar will answer these and other questions: 

  • What paperwork (Contracts) should I have in place when I first see a couple, individual or family?
  • What do I need to verbally cover at the start of the sessions regarding confidentiality and privacy?
  • What needs to be on my notes each session?
  • What information needs to be in my notes?
  • How should I store my notes between sessions?
  • What if I am doing couple work, the couple finishes, and one person wants to continue to see me?What are the risks involved?
  • What if I am working with an individual who wants to bring their partner to sessions?
  • What if the couple separate and one person wants a copy of my notes?
  • Should I still see a couple following a decision to separate?
  • If I am seeing a couple, can I see each person separately and how should I set that up?
  • Can I see a couple where there is an AVO out against one of them?
  • What should I do if a client’s lawyer emails me requesting information including notes or a report?
  • What should I do if I am asked to write a report for Court?
  • What if my notes are subpoenaed by the Court?
  • What are the differences in confidentiality when it comes to individual, couple or family work?
  • What should I do if another Clinician contacts me to discuss a shared client?
  • I would like to contact another Clinician about a shared client – can I do this?
  • What if my clients ask me to meet with client’s teachers/school?
  • I’m in a group practice or agency – can we discuss shared clients?

Time for other ethical questions will be provided during this training as well.

Who is this course for? 

This training seminar is suited to any Therapist or Counsellor  who works privately or for an agency.  Students are also welcome.

Learning will be by case presentations, and by examining scenarios and examples. 

There will be space for questions throughout, and participants will be given templates of forms they can use in their work. Jacqueline McDiarmid is a compelling presenter. 

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Normally priced at $190.00 plus GST

EARLYBIRD SPECIAL $150.00 plus GST (Closes 23 May 2023)

Don’t miss out on this unique and essential training